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Translation Text

Introduction of Durga Dass
Her role and scope of work

Names of participants:
Dr. Klein
Dr. Durga Dass
Dr. Litianjie

Comments to last meeting summary

- Press Release and Press Kit: current state of development

- Project tasks and assignments
Protocol: Lauryn, AIRS
Live Translation support: David, AIRS Coordinator
现场翻译支持:AIRS协调经理 李岩
Moderator: Dr. Klein
主持人:Uwe Klein博士
Team Manager: Stephan
Durga Dass will support the team for the Orenda conference, which is one of her role she plays for Orenda. Inthhis function she is reporting to Dr. Klein. She will help to find Chinese speakers to cover the range of topics for the agenda, coordinate and network with the event logistics with Teton Hotel and use her experience from last years conference organization.
Durga is a doctor for psychosomatic medicine in the sense of mind-body health with international experience on holistic medicine.
Regarding the last meetings minutes summary there were no comments, so it is regarded as accepted.
New to the team came Dr. Litianjie as responsible for the Museum operations. He is supporting Dr. Xue Qing.
Dr. Klein explained the proof reading process for the press release on 3.7. At this day there will start in China WeChat and Weibo communication for AIRS and the announcement of the 2nd Orenda Internaional Psychosomatic Summit, a newsletter to press contacts in East and West. Later on that day Wilson confirmed to support the schedule and will receive the approved press kit material as well. He then will check which databases of Orenda will be suitable to transport the information and release accordingly.
The initial release information will go to an AIRS website “landing page” from which the documentation for the press kit can be downloaded after registration.
Referring to last meetings discussion about the name there was communication between Zhao, David and Dr. Klein. According to this the name was set as to be:
“2nd Orenda International Psychosomatic Summit” (Subtitle: The East-West Conference on Holistic Medicine.)
Dr. Klein reported about his and David´s visit for Prof. Chen in Fuzhou. Prof. Chen is part of the Scientific Committee of AIRS and the academic and political number one person in China for holistic and TCM medicine. He committed himself to become the president of the speaker academy and support the event as well with content, speakers and promotional support via the many associations which he presides or is a leading member of. We regard this as a milestone in laying a successful ground to the event.
Dr. Klein explained the timeline for tasks for the month of July and beyond. The discussion went step by step through the task list and showed which responsibilities were initially set.
As the matter is complex and the tasks need to have clear goals and specifications about what the results shall be, Dr. Klein will prepare a detailed document referring page by page on each of the tasks in written, so that misunderstandings are excluded or can be clarified.
Most of the tasks need to be finalized until end of July in order to be able to publish marketing relevant content to the conference website. Without in time deliveries the marketing will be suboptimal and not render the results expected.
This relates especially to the speaker search and commitments as they are bringing the real and main value to the conference by topics and names.
Durga Dass will discuss the tasks in specific with the relevant team members between 26. And 30.6. June. Latest by Friday June 30th the temporarily “team West”, Dr. Klein and Michaela Seebacher will be pulled into the clarifications as per need and have together with temporarily “team East” a video conference on WeChat. Durga Dass will communicate and set the time and day as how most convenient for “team East”. “Temporarily” this context means the absence of Dr. Klein until 1st Sept. when he will be back again.
Lauryn, Stephan and Durga Dass (in case David) will act as communication turntables between East and West to keep the activities on track. Anyhow a continuously performed and close communication all matters was committed, as the virtual communication by WeChat allows to run all processes uninterruptedly.